parapetne-podni-klima-uredaji instaloservis


Floor air conditioners are a very popular devices, used primarily for heating purpouses, but can be also used for air conditioning of homes, apartments, offices and other spaces with specific air conditioning requirements.

A selection of floor-parapet air conditioning devices is available from all the leading manufacturers. They are destinguished by exclusive design and quality heating with low air output at floor level, as such they can compleately replace classic radiators offering even more comfort and advanced options.

Floor air conditioners internal unit is mounted on a wall, raised a foot or directly on the floor and is connected by gas and electrical installations to the outer unit. They are a quality and efficient solution for cooling and especially for heating of spaces.

All manufacturers offer a wide selection of floor-parapet internal unit models, which are differentiated by strength, design, type of filter used, systems for air purification and enrichment, Wi-Fi remote control and other technical options.