• We are certified Vaillant installers

    We install all types of air conditioning systems, considering our expertise, you can always safely contact us with trust in our expertly done work

  • The healthiest way of heating

    Our infrared heating panels are one of the most affordable and healthiest ways to heat, no repairs or maintenence needed


Complete range of infrared, floor and convection heating

Air conditioning

From classic wall mounted, split/multisplit, channel and all the way up to heat pumps


Our multi-year expirience guarantees your satisfaction

Through our work, we have aquired substantial knowledge in our fields of expertise. We became a certified Vaillant installer, to our pride and to your satisfaction. We have specialised in electric heaters, from floor heaters and infrared ones to ones intended for hospitality and industry, which are in our oppinion the most promising ones, because of their price and maintainance.
Other segment is the field of air conditioning, in which we follow the latest trends and offer all types of appliances, of which we would like to highlight heat pumps, which are leading to the future of ecology.

Our services

As a certified Vaillant installer we offer services of setting up a whole range of heating and air conditioning systems

Freezing protection

Hospitality and industry

Control systems

Floor heating

Convection heaters

Infrared Heating


We offer high quality devices and equipment for heating and air conditioning

Floor Heating

Tiles and stone

The ideal solution for heating tiled floors or stone. Combine the elegance of floor coverings with the comfort of a warm floor. Suitable for new construction or renovation.

Floor Heating

Laminate & Parquet

Control the temperature and heat of the cold floor and laminate. Electric underfloor heating is suitable for almost all types of parquet and laminate, and is laid floating.

Floor Heating

Screed & Concrete

A complete heating system that stores heat energy in the floor concrete core and lets it gradually into the room. Ideal in combination with own energy production.

Control system

Wireless thermostats

Radio-controlled thermostats avoid expensive wall opening and plastering for cable running and allow for simple heater mounting.

Floor Heating

Heating mats

Fast protection from cold feet and slipping – without a need for renovation, thanks to robust heating mats for sheltered outdoor spaces and a heating mat for indoors.

Infrared Heating


LAVA® BASIC-EP is suitable for heating from the ceiling as well as from the wall, e.g. as a heater for living rooms, offices, schools, mobile cottages. LAVA® BASIC-EP is a 20 mm straight infrared heater that amazes with its uniform infrared heat and aesthetics.

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