Channel air conditioners are an excelent solution for air conditioning of hotel rooms, offices and other spaces that require indirect air distribution and a descrete solution without visible air conditioning devices. The internal unit of a channel air conditioner can be incorporated into the ceiling, a wall or outside of the air-conditioned space and is […]


Multisplit air conditioners are sets that consist of two or more internal units which are connected to a single outer unit via gas and electrical installations. They are used for cooling and heating family homes, apartments, offices, restaurants etc. Each internal unit of a multisplit system has its own controller and is entirely independant from […]

Heat pumps

Heat pumps use geothermal energy form the soil, groundwater or air and significantly contribute to heat expense savings. Energy from air, groundwater and soil is readily available at all times all around us. Heat pumps are one of the most economical, most effective ways to prepare for hot water usage and heating. They are an […]


parapetne-podni-klima-uredaji instaloservis

Floor air conditioners are a very popular devices, used primarily for heating purpouses, but can be also used for air conditioning of homes, apartments, offices and other spaces with specific air conditioning requirements. A selection of floor-parapet air conditioning devices is available from all the leading manufacturers. They are destinguished by exclusive design and quality […]